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Canadian candles 
handmade with soy wax

Canadian candles handmade with soy wax


What goes into our canadian candles

- unique scent experience designed to inspire

- a lot of passion for the art of scent and traditional candle making craftsmanship

- 100% soy wax and cotton wick for clean burn and optimal scent diffusion

- Paraben Free, phthalate Free, cruelty Free, carcinogens free scents made with clean and sustainable ingredients

being an artisan

When I started creating Lares Candle Co. in 2018 I wanted to tick all the boxes: exquisite scents, natural ingredients, luxurious experience and sustainability.


every scent evokes a memory

I started creating my first four scents by taking a trip down memory lane. Only then did I realize that what they all four have in common was the sense of home that brings us together, giving us our identity and making us feel rooted. I use the highest quality ingredients to create outstanding luxury scented Canadian candles that are natural, vegan and free from chemicals.