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a guide to candle care

1. Discovering your candle

The first impression when you open the box, before you burn a Lares candle, is the cold 'Throw'. The first whiff. The hot throw is a term that signifies how the candle reveals itself when burning, the radius of Lares candles scent can be quite profound, inviting you in to discover more...​


2. Choosing your scent

What are you in the mood for?
My mood and where I am usually determines what I like to burn.
For example in my living room in the cold seasons I like to burn #lodge. It's very cozy and it makes the room feel homey. It is subtle and the woody base notes linger in the air well after I blow the candle. 
At nights in the summertime while I relax out on the balcony I like to burn #backyard. Even though I am outdoors, I can still smell the beautiful scent and it's perfect for a cool summer night.


4. It's all about evolution

The beauty of our candles is the journey they take me on from the top note first impression which nuances fresh, citrus and aromatic notes, to the heart of the scent with florals and spice, to the base note which lingers longest, the woods, musks and amber notes.


3. Layering your candles

Scent layering is a practice that takes your candle burning experience to the next level. Choosing two or more home scents to layer is easier than you think. Personally I like to layer #lodge and #backyard. Combining the wintery woodsy and smoky notes with the freshness of grass and and iris makes creates a great indoor-outdoor experience.


5. The First Burn

Is the most important to candle health. So initially, burn your candle for at least 3-4 hours, so that the top layer of wax can fully melt from edge to edge, preventing a memory ring from being created. As you burn through your Lares candle, half way down it takes only two hours for the melt pool to reach the edges of the glass. It is recommended to blow the candle as soon as it reached the edge, let it cool down and if you want to burn it again, trim the wick and light it up again. This way you extend the life of the candle even longer. As the wax cools down it still diffuses fragrance in the room so you can enjoy it every step of the way.

If you do not have time to burn the candle for the recommended time make sure next burn is 4h so the wax levels up on it's own and does not tunnel down. 


6. The Wick

The candle wick needs to be trimmed prior each burn. The length of the wick should be about 1/4 inch or to make it easier about the length of a fingernail. As this is a handmade candle, the wick might slightly slide off the center as the candle burns. If you notice the candle is melting more on one side, center the wick while the candle is burning and wax is melted all the way to the edges. We recommend using a metal pin or a paper clip. Our wicks are smart self trimming wicks but it still needs an adjustment before every burn. The easiest way to trim it is to pick the black tip of the wick with your fingers. It snaps easily and it leaves the perfect length for the next burn.


7. Recycle

Reusing your beautiful Lares candle handmade glass container is encouraged! Discontinue use when the wax is about half an inch from the bottom. Place the candle in the fridge overnight and the wax will shrink off the glass. Then turn it upside down and pat it on your palm or on the counter covered with a towel so the glass doesn't break. The wax will pop out quickly then wax the glass with warm soapy water. It makes a perfect drinking glass or a planter or a pen holder. You can get creative.

8. Safety instructions

Make sure you burn your candle away from any draft or heat source or within reach of children. Do not leave a candle burning unattended and do not burn it for longer than 4h unless closely supervised. 

9. Storage

It's important to protect not only the precious fragrance oils that create the scent, but also the wax. Temperature and light will affect the odour and colour so keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or intense light.  No extreme heat or cold to prevent melting or cracking respectively. And if exposed, let the candle sit to room temperature prior to burning and finally, when the wax melts to a half inch, discontinue use to avoid heating the surface it is sitting on.


10. Keep them clean

Wipe off any residue or dust with moist cotton, mild soap and water. 

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