Candles and mindfulness

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Lighting up a candle takes a moment of serenity. I always believed that the decision to have a candle burning in your home is made before in your subconscious before you actually made the conscious one. The moment you light up a candle your stress level decreases significantly. In that moment you decide to spend some quality time, either with yourself or with someone else. Sensing the scent in the room inspires calmness but also the peacefully burning flame.

A candle can never burn in a chaotic place, it needs unperturbed environment for the flame to be calm and burn at a slow pace. Brining that moment into your home it means that you either have or will create the right environment for it to give you the most wonderful experience.

Personally speaking, I always burn a candle at the end of the day when I am ready to leave the work behind and sit back and relax. Before lighting a candle, I sniff it a few times with my eyes closed to let the scent rela