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Creating "backyard" scent

Backyard scent has been

in my mind for many years in the form of a very fond memory from high school years.

I absolutely love those early days of summer, when it's starting to get warm and it's just pleasant to be outside. I used to come home from school at 1:30pm, change into a t-shirt and shorts and I had a spot in front of the house when the sun would be shinning for exactly 1 hour a day after which, the spot would be in the shade. That 1 hour a day sitting on the pavement in front of the house, right in front of the garden is still my happy place.

The garden was filled with flowers and some crops we would grow and I could smell the rawness of the green grass and tomato leaves. The flowers would thrive under those first days of summer and throw an incredible scent blending with the fresh cut grass notes. The earthiness of the soil worked to plant lots of flowers and crops was just the right element to bring all the other notes together.

Sitting in the sun with my eyes closed bathing in the warm sunlight and smelling the garden over and over is something I could not get tired of. It was my time to connect with the nature.

With that memory still fresh in mind I wanted to translate it into a scent to always remind of my happy place. Scent has the power to bring back memories, and backyard for me is a time capsule in the form of a candle.

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