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Creating "highland" scent

Updated: May 20, 2021

Before I started working on the scents I have spent a lot of time trying to understand where I should begin. I had no idea how difficult was to come up with something truly unique. I didn't want to make candles that just smell of something and that is it. I wanted to create an experience.

It was months after I started thinking that it hit me. One morning in late November, I was just stepping out in the morning to go to work. It was a bit foggy bus still quite bright. The air was very cold and crisp. That first breath was something different. It really made me think of the time I lived in Iceland.

The weather was similar and I always remember the times when I would walk outside in the morning and could smell the winter coming. I always notice those days and my smell memory always recognizes that smell of fresh and crisp cold air like I could smell the snow is about to start falling. I know what it sounds like but it is true and kept wondering if I could get that scent in a form that I could always enjoy it.

Highland is the result of that memory. The smell of winter and that time of the year when the anticipation of the first snow is quite trilling. I really wanted to share that experience with everyone through this scent.

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