a brand created with sustainability at the core

Our planet is beautiful and we want to have it for as long as possible. Every small step towards sustainability gets us closer to keeping our planet healthy.  We keep sustainability in mind through each step of our production process, from sourcing our materials to delivering our candles to you. Our products are testimony to our commitment to sustainability.
We designed a beautiful glass that is handmade using traditional craft so our customers will want to reuse it or upcycle it. Using all-natural wax helps make it very easy to clean it. 
Our natural raw materials are all from sustainable supply chain and are fully traceable from seed to fragrance.
Further to our mission, all of our packaging is FSC and recyclable and we have challenged ourselves to take it to the next level. We are currently working on sourcing packaging made of 100% recycled paper. 
Our products are vegan, free from phthalates, colorants and formaldehydes.