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Social responsibility

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It is an incredible feeling when we have the ability and means to help others and make a difference. Since the very beginning I knew that if I will ever start a small business I would want to make sure I donate a part of each sale to support local charities.

When you decide to purchase one of our candles, your decision does more than just purchasing a candle. 10% out of your purchase goes to local charities. Your purchase is powerful and it goes a very long way. The donation is made out of the total value of the order and not just from profits so on average $3 is donated for every candle purchased.

It is an incredible feeling for myself to be able to offer this and to know that we do make a difference even when we decide to treat ourselves with a nice candle.

I usually choose the organizations that your donations go to unless customers message me and nominate a charity themselves. So far the charities I have donated to are mostly the ones I personally had some contact with.

Below is a list of all organizations your donations went to so far:

- PWA Toronto

- St Michaels Hospital Foundation

- Women's College Hospital

- Daily Bread Toronto

- Movember

- The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

- YMCA - Canada Helps

- World Wildfire Fund

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